We would like to celebrate the reopening of businesses in the U.S. and Hawaii. If you or someone you know is reopening, mark the occasion with tropical flowers! Order a bouquet sent to a business, yours or another's , and receive %10 off . Use the promo code "E KOMO MAI" -- Welcome, come inside! Let's celebrate the return of many of our favorite businesses!

Tropical Flowers & Bouquets from Maui, Hawaii

Hana Bouquet

Paradise Bouquet

Heavenly Bouquet

Exotic Bouquet

Tropics Bouquet

Here at Tropical Flowers and Bouquets of Hawaii, we grow our own flowers that we send out anywhere in the United States as gift boxes. Each weekday morning freshly picked flowers are sent to destinations from Maine to Oregon.

Pre-made bouquets like the ones shown above are arranged so that you only need to take them out and put them in a vase of water when received!

We have 5 different bouquets from which to choose, starting as low as $70.

For $10 extra, vases can be included with the Heavenly, Exotic and Tropics bouquets. Vases are not available for the Hana and Paradise bouquets.

"Ukuli'i ka pua, onaona i ka mau'u"

Tiny is the flower yet it scents the grass around it.